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October 28, 2009

Read it Before Initiating the Move

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The most hectic period in the process of moving is the time before moving. Sometime people find it really difficult to decide what to do and when. There are so many things to do in little time that we become confused and this confusion lead us to kill more precious time and the process become more strenuous. But if we can plan our job before and work accordingly then the process can not make us exhausted. Here is some points that you can use to make your move stress free.

Clean Up:

Always clean up your home of clutters and needless items before the move. Most of the time people ignore it and find it difficult to pack all the things and forgets to pack the most needy ones. Even these clutters can escalate your moving cost. Donate those unwanted items to charity or sell them if you like.


Storage is another prime thing that you must plan before to keep the worries at bay. You can use garage as the place of storage but there are certain problems that you have to encounter. Garages are sometime unprotected than the home. So you have to be sure that your garage is protected enough to keep your valuables away from the burglars. Another thing is that you should face problem accessing the garage and also the garage is not also insured from flood and other calamities. So beware before storing valuables in your garage. Some moving companies also offer storage facility but be sure about the charge they ask for the service and also the insurance cover they have.

storage, movers

storage, movers

Always make a list of the valuables that you need to pack. Always pack the least used items first and the most used possession at last. Always start packing some days before the actual move, this will ease your moving day hurry and stress.

October 19, 2009

Some steps to make the move easier

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According to a new survey, the stress for moving is much higher than the stresses for having a baby or getting married or a job change. So you must be aware of the stress before the moving starts. But if you try to follow some steps then you can make the process simpler and can definitely keep the stress under control. This way you can save lots of money too.

Don’t choose peak season for the move:

Never choose the peak time like the summer time when the children are on leave. This can escalate your moving cost and can result in more headache. Always choose an off season time like in the middle of the month to relocate. In the peak season the reliable moving companies are on demand so they will charge extra money.  While in the off season you can get experienced mover crews with a lower rate.

Get multiple quotes and proposals:

Always get at least 3-4 written moving quotes and proposal from different moving companies before choosing any company.  First try to find the moving company through referrals from friends and relatives.  Then you can check them with BBB or with other reliable sites about their reports and decide which will suit you best.

Don’t try relocate everything with you

Don’t try to move every single thing with you. It is not easy to relocate every thing you have. This increases the complexities and the stress level too. Even the relocation charge also increase with your baggage size. So sell or scrap the unwanted or easily available, low cost things and only pack those are invaluable and necessary in the new home. This will help you to have an easy move and less stressful move.

Hope these ideas can make your next move easier and less stressful. Don’t forget to checkout this blog for more useful ideas on relocation and packing.

October 11, 2009

Computer Packing Instructions

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Computer Packing

Before moving, there are few delicate items that we treasure the most. These delicate items have great importance in our daily lives. In order to ensure complete safety of such products, we cannot trust anyone else other than ourselves. No wonder how much you love the baby but you can never love like the mother. Now we will discuss about packing some delicate items that are really important.

Packing a computer:

It never happens so that someone wakes up one fine morning and starts preparing to move, just because he or she feels like moving. A move takes place after days of planning. The moment you decide to relocate, take a back up of the files in your computer. Do not keep the back up in one place only. Take many back ups and keep each copy of it in different places. If one back up is lost then the other will be there to suffice your need. You can consult your computer company. Usually computer companies advice to “park” (a process of pulling the hard drive data in a secure zone through a special program SHIP.EXE).

Apart from the computer disk drive, you have disks and diskettes, pack them in a box that will be layered as well as covered with clothes, keep them away from magnetic metals.

Unplug your computer from power source and disconnect all cords along with wires from the computer. Coil the cords properly with color coding, so that you do not mess up everything when reconnecting the cords and wires. All the associated accessories should be detached from the computer. Each one of them should be packed separately.

Do not start packing the computer instantly after usage and let it cool down. Unplug it from the power source and hold down the power button till you finish counting 30. this is a process of releasing flee power. There is a battery inside the computer which accumulates charge, by holding down the power button we release the stored charge, to avoid being electrocuted during unplugging.

Cover each component of the computer with cellophane paper or just with thin plastic, then insert each one of them in the computer box, which in turn should be protected with foam guards.

If you don’t have the original computer box then arrange for two boxes. One of these boxes should be bigger than the other or vice versa. Layer the bottom of the smaller box with Styrofoam. Insert the items and fill the excess gaps with Styrofoam again. Layer the big box with  Styrofoam, insert the smaller box in it and again fill the gaps with  Styrofoam.

If you have a printer, pack it along with the CPU after removing the cartridge. Label the box, so that the movers handle it carefully.

September 11, 2009

Standard Moving Insurance Coverage- Things You Need to Know

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Moving companies are bound to offer a minimum amount of moving insurance coverage. The typical amount is 60 cents per pound- which can not be relied upon to compensate any significant damage, so we commonly underestimate the policy. Often knowing the insurance coverage facility we assume that it will cover us for all eventualities and don’t feel to ask about further details. In fact this is the biggest mistake we often do. Even though the professional moving companies assure a smooth and hassle free transition, accident and damage of the properties are a very common phenomena. So, making a move not knowing your actual insurance coverage is a matter of great risk.

moving insurance

Ask your Insurer

You should talk to your mover or get the things clear with your moving company before making a final deal. If you are hiring a moving company then it is wise to ask your movers about their moving insurance coverage, limitations, deductibles and go through their policy documents and papers. Moving company not offering any insurance coverage should never be hired. Now if you are planning to make the move without a professional assistance, ask your home insurer about existing coverage and whether they will provide a coverage during transition. If they refuse to cover under existing policy, then ask for a special premium policy for short term coverage.

Be Careful About Limitations

Is your insurance policy ready to compensate the damage of your premises? While moving in or out of your home- accident may occur in spite of taking utmost care and concern. So, be assured that your insurance coverage will compensate the damage of your home. In most of the policies you will find a time limitation, so make it a point to notify them about the damage of any sort as soon as you find that. If you find damage out of the limitation, you can never make a claim or ask for compensation.

September 8, 2009

Pay for a Classic Shipper to Transport your Car

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Shipping your car with a professional moving company can cost even more than you expected but this will save your time and energy for sure. Often it becomes more economical to purchase a new one to the new place. However, in case you are moving overseas you will have no other choice than paying for a professional mover to take the charge.

Long Distance Moving

How Driveways Move your Car

Commonly a car shipper drives your car to the destination or in some cases they move it by boarding to a moving truck. Now if you are moving overseas or to a distance beyond driving range, your car will have to be shipped following mandatory customs and regulations. There are many car shipping companies that offer only port-to-port service and you need to drive your car to the destination there on.

How to Get your Car Ready for the Move

Most of the shippers follow specific rules on internal articles that can be transported with the car. These articles commonly include factory issued hand tools, fire extinguisher, spare tire or other indispensable items. You must check with the shipper to deal with the issue. Also ask the amount of fuel you can keep inside the tank as most of the moving companies have restrictions and prefer the tank to be emptied. Finally clean the car entirely before hand it over as custom check will be done for contagion issues.

Moving Costs you need to bear

Types of services determine the cost you need to pay. To determine the amount yon must let your shipper know about the distance and type of vehicle you have and if any additional services you need. It is wise to take a several quote from the moving companies and compare before signing a final contract paper.

Most of the companies ask for a certain amount of down payment whereas some ask for the entire amount upfront. So be prepared to pay the total amount either in cash or cheque.

September 4, 2009

Moving Directories Are Better Assistance

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Searching a reliable mover is really tough. Moreover the price is also a major deciding factor. I know that I can find a pool of moving company over the Internet and I can easily lay my hands on any one of them. The problem arises when I think of the security of my belongings. If I’m kidnapped probably I have several ways to fight back. But my poor things, they don’t even have a voice to speak. This might be the concern for many.

I have selected my mover from a moving directory. A moving directory gives you the option of comparing the service quality of many movers or moving companies on the same platform. Moving is generally very expensive and if a company offers you suspiciously low quote, then avoid accepting its service. When you try to make exceptional savings, usually there is something that you sacrifice. Let’s not send our belongings to the guillotine.

Moving Directories

During the weekends at your convenient time sit at your computer and do a through research on the respective moving company. You may go like this:

  • Search for a movers review site. You can avail a whole list of mover’s reviews. See if your company is anywhere and go through the reviews. A single review in a single site is not accepted. Search more.
  • Participate in forums and ask the members if they know anything about the company.
  • Check Better Business Bureau or BBB, in short. According to me BBB is not the ultimate place of verification because companies that are associated with BBB have to make a payment for being listed. Hence more payment can make a difference in their profile in BBB.
  • Check the license and verify the authenticity.

Moving directories usually lists verified movers that have a reputation of offering quality service. They are also verified by the admin of the moving directory. Another salient feature is that you can get and compare multiple quotes at one go.

August 24, 2009

Got the Cheapest Quote? Check Again. Have You Being SCAMMED?

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Are you overwhelmed to get the cheapest quote from your moving company? Think twice before signing the inventory… check twice whether you are getting scammed.

Most of the movers in USA are legit in true sense; however, some of them may trick you to pay your extreme. Such movers bid a least but end up multiplying your estimated amount incredibly through addition of hidden cost. So, make yourself a little cleaver knowing several tips and tricks to check and verify the movers before making a final deal.

You may take the following precautionary measures:

moving quotes

  1. Ask them to show their business license and authorization. Any good company won’t hesitate to show you the details upon request. You can also call Better Business Bureau to verify their legitimacy.
  2. It is essential to get complete moving coverage against the amount you are paying for the assistance. So ask for their every single service facility and make sure there are no hidden service charges by making the contract on official papers.
  3. However, you must be calculating a cheaper option to make your move less expensive. If you are not bounded to move by any officials and have the flexibility, try making it on off season; as that can save your money to a great extant. “Off season” means avoiding June-July and first or last of the months. Also if you agree with the mover’s timeframe, they might be offering you a discount at times.
  4. Try to get rid of the household articles you don’t need actually to reduce the volume and weight of your belongings. Moving companies charge extra if you want them to pack in haste. So contact a mover keeping at least a week in hand.

Thus, getting a little conscious you can avoid a price creep and catch the best moving quote at last!

August 20, 2009

Organize your Move with a Pre-Estimation

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As the time of move comes closer you commonly get bemused with loads of pending jobs. To organize your move from all aspect and lessen up the burden, you can hire a Fort Lauderdale moving company that are mostly said to be the best in maintaining a healthy coordination all through. In fact there remain so many things to pack up, dates to be scheduled and official correspondences to be dealt with for readjustment.

Professional Fort Lauderdale Movers guide you to make a checklist of the necessary jobs, so that you don’t miss any of the important moving tasks. They advice their customers to start with the check list at earliest to come up with a perfect ending. In fact they teach you to prepare the list adding even a little most important thing and ask you to go on adding things as they will come into your mind.

The check list not only helps you to organize the whole packing process but enables you to avoid any sort of impediments. Moving checklists as suggested by the professional Fort Lauderdale movers may vary with specific situation needs so you should never follow others planning and implement to your moving planners. Pre-estimation of the whole process also better organize the entire process in terms of expenditure.

To stay within a budget limit you should think of coming up a several procedure by yourself. Packing is one of the most important things to be dealt with efficiently. You can buy or hire some packing materials to pack in a most durable manner ensuring the safety of your articles. Try getting a certified Fort Lauderdale moving company that will offer complete moving assistance providing insurance coverage against lose, theft or damage of any sort. Though moving professionals can’t make things perfect just magically but can help to run things smoothly.

July 31, 2009

West Palm Local Moving Assistance and Estimation

While shifting to any places in Florida, think only of experiencing the thrill of West Palm Beach and its great oceanic view. The city entices people in various ways offering dining delight and social pleasure. You will definitely feel like home to the city even if you were never been before. If you can manage to come out of the moving scams and perils certainly you will enjoy the migration up to the brim. For that you are advised to hire a West Palm Beach moving company that will take care of your every single belonging safely transporting them to your new home. You can search for the most efficient West Palm Beach moving assistance going through online moving directories.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

You will get to experience diverse moving assistance from different West Palm Beach moving companies. Some are specialized in small moves while some international movers are ready to make your long distance transition utterly seamless in every way. There are some directory sites that allow people to state their comments and experiences on their forum pages to make others know about service process of particular moving company. These forums effectively help people to make a better judgment on available West Palm Beach moving companies. Commonly the moving charges vary depending upon service facilities you wish to avail.

Glory Of The Palm Beach

Glory Of The Palm Beach

Some of the West Palm Beach Moving companies take the charge of shifting your automobiles to the new places in Florida commonly on added charges. Owing a car will make you search for similar services from a West Palm Beach moving company. This way, first mind to sort out your needed facilities before searching moving assistance. Today when a competition is going to earn profit everywhere, you might have to face various moving scams and have fair possibility to go beyond your budget limitations. So it is rather sensible to consult some experienced person to know about movers that can best assist your distant move staying within budget limit.


July 24, 2009

A Pleasant Move

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movingMaking a permanent move pleasant and perfect in all aspect is a matter of great deal. Due to present economic and employment trend you might have to move a long way but the issue is never so pleasing as such, rather it challenges a mental set up.

Factors associated with relocation process like careful handling of every belonging, their packing and safe transportation to the new destination essentially requires a professional assistance.  In fact the logistics of relocation often appears too much to handle by a layman. Now don’t think of the expenses are subjected to pay out for hiring a professional mover. Look for the way outs of getting a pre-estimation of the expense and its worth with respect to their service process searching through the authentic mover’s directory sites.

You will find a number of online mover’s directory sites enlisting numerous reputable movers- most of whom are claiming to be the best service provider to their specific location. You must not get bewildered with these service providers but should check their authenticity in terms of every dealing aspect.  It is rather hard to trust someone for giving your belongings on other’s responsibility. It is wise to avail some added coverage from your movers like basic liability coverage in terms of insurance policies.

While the moving process is in progress you must ask for a contact number to constantly stay in touch with the members of your moving company. You must inform the estimator about your needs of extra coverage and ask them how they will estimate the entire process. Thus you will get budget estimation before getting into a final deal.

Now if you think of searching for the best mover from a very authentic source, you must visit the sites that include review pages for better understanding. In fact reviews and complaints reveal the service potential of a moving company that they actually claims to have. So this way, getting prepared for a move and efficient dealing with a moving company can ensure a successful relocation process to your new destination.

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