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You are in for trouble if you do not plan properly for moving your pets . Here are the tips that may come handy while moving your pets.



  1. Cats and Dogs :

  Firstly, when it comes to cats and dogs, you can very well take them with you, in your car. In that case, make sure you carry with you the required food and water for them too! Further the cleaning things like newspapers etc, and a leash for letting pet out of the car .


Check whether your pet has any car-sick symptoms. In that case you may need to stop frequently along the way. And when you stop at hotels make sure that they allow pets.


Secondly, you can fly your pets. Check if there are any restrictions in the destination regarding the pets. If there are any specific instructions like getting the pet vaccinated, make sure that it is done.


And when you ship your pets by air, make sure someone meets your pet at the destination airport to take care of it until you arrive. For this purpose, you can hire a kennel. You may even ask them to keep the pet till your move is complete.


Thirdly, You can fly and along with you, carry your pet with you; of course it can ride in the baggage compartment. Make sure that you have and carry a health certificate, a pet container in case you have one and the airline agrees to carry one and lastly you may need a tranquilizer to be given to your pet immediately before going to the airport. May be a cloth with your scent can be kept with the pet, in order that it feels comfortable of your presence.



  2. Other Smaller Animals:

  You can easily transport other small animals in your car. (Like hamsters, birds). It is helpful if you cover the cage with a cloth especially if the animals make much noise. And also, make sure that they have food and water available.



  3. Fish :

  The most important thing to consider for moving the fish - is the difference in the water at the place you are moving to. If that water is totally of a different quality, you lose all of your fish if you just dump them. Contact the movers first to check if they move your fish in the tanks as they are. If not; then what would be the method they would do that and how far this is compatible with the well being of your fish.


The best but not the most simple of ideas, is to transport the fish in a bucket or bags (buckets circulate more air), plus send all the water that is already in your tank including filters (this will save you from setting up a new tank), along with your tank and decor (preferably water and tank separate from each other). Upon arriving at your new location, fill the tank with the old water and filters, allow to settle for an hour then reintegrate the fish as you would normally. And presto ! your old tank set back up ! Now you can do small water changes every few days and your fish will adjust to the new climate.


Well if you are moving long distance and can't do any of the above, then you can adopt something from below:


Do not feed your fish for 3 days prior to the move so as to keep waste down whilst they are being transported. When the fish container reaches destination, first thing to do before anything else is to set up your tanks again and add the water from your containers heaters etc


Get the water up to room temperature ASAP and float your bags of fish as you would, when adding new stock, by now you will have added the "cycle" and filters etc, release the fish after approx 15 min and leave the lights off for a day to let them settle down.......with luck by the 2nd day they will be queuing at the top of the tank for a feed.


Expect to loss a few fish but that doesn't mean to say that you will.......just be prepared in case it does happen.


Further hire some best movers of fish to take care of all the issues of transport.



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