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Before shipping your vehicle, follow theses guideline to ensure a smooth and safe transport.

  • Prepare your vehicle by deactivating your alarm system.
  • Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly.
  • Remove any personal items to avoid the loss of personal belongings while transporting your vehicle.
  • Empty your Gas tank to the minimum (1/4 of the tank) to avoid paying high tolls when - your car is weighted at the state line.
  • Secure loose parts or special items, lower or remove antennae.
  • Make sure your radiator is filled with adequate amount of fresh antifreeze.
  • Make sure your battery has no leaks.
  • Make sure to go through the “terms and conditions” before placing your car transport order with a company. Make sure you understand the meaning of all the terms.
  • Make sure the Bill of Lading is signed by both the driver and yourself. It contains the status information of your car before the move commences. Once your car reaches its destination, the bill of lading needs to be signed again by both the driver and yourself and any damages needs to be reported there. All claims must be filled within 2 weeks after paying the movers.
  • Due to many reasons (State by state taxation, inspections and more) exact pick ups and deliveries cannot be guaranteed. Pick ups and deliveries can be estimated within a time window of 2 to 3 days.
  • Check the delivery details, if it isn’t door to door then get the details of pick up so that you can plan on picking up your car at the appropriate place.
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