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When taking into consideration the quantity of items you need to pack and move, you may want to do the move yourself. Remember that the self move should be manageable within your time schedule and your manpower. Therefore, if the move is considerably larger and the process takes longer to complete than anticipated, consider the fact that you will miss work and a portion of your paycheck. Add to this the extra expenses of a self-move, such as fuel, food, lodging, and tolls. You may not save as much as you planned.

Before deciding on a self move, take a look at these factors: 

 Do you have the time needed to do the entire job?
  Packing, loading, unloading and driving can be very time-consuming.

 How many items do you need to move?
  Remember that heavy furniture and appliances may be difficult to handle.

 Are you physically capable of loading and
  unloading on both ends of the move?

  This is a hard work. Long driving accompanied with carrying heavy boxes is a
  very tedious process.

 Will you have family or friends to help you?
  Always have people to help you through the relocation process. Remember,
  moving companies have liability insurance for their employees in case of injury
  and obtaining extra insurance for your self-move might be more expensive.

 Do you have a license to drive a big truck?
  You will probably need a special permit to drive one.

 What about the rest of the family, children, and pets?
  There may not be enough space in the truck for your family and your pets.
  You'll have to make provisions for them to follow in a separate car or to reserve
  flight seats. If you are making a long-distance move, factor in the costs of food
  and lodging.

Before making your decision, take into consideration the following options:

 Hiring Labor - If your move requires the lifting of heavy items, such as large furniture and   appliances you may need assistance. Consider hiring extra hands by contacting a local moving   company, where you can hire the laborers by the hour. Professionals with experience can   help you maximize space when loading your truck, and offer additional valuable insights as   well. It's easy to contact a local moving company at destination to have laborers ready to   assist you once you arrive.

 Pick-up and Delivery Services (PUD) - The moving company drops off the appropriate size   trailer at your home and you, according to your schedule load all your items. Once your trailer   is loaded you schedule a pick up. A truck driver is assigned to drive your shipment to   destination where you unload your goods.


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