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          High Value Article

Items included in the transportation which are valued at more than $100 per pound. These items should be disclosed before the move and packed accordingly.


This is a list showing the number and condition of each item. The Condition marked should be carefully read before signing on the inventory list.

Long Carry 

This is an additional charge paid in case the mover need to travel a long distance to your residence. There is usually a limit to the distance between the read of the moving van to the entrance of your residence.

Local Moving

Local Moving generally refers to moves of less than 100 miles within the same state. This type of move is based on hourly rates and is regulated by the states DOT (Department of Transportation).

Long Distance

Long Distance generally refers to moves of more than 100 miles within the same state or from a state to another. This type of move is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation.

Loading Ramp

This is an item provided by self-service movers to help you load your household goods into the trailer.

Moving Company

A moving Company that according to its license can provide both Moving and storage services.

Order for Service

A document authorizing the mover to transport your items. It must be attached to the Bill Of Lading.

Operating Authority

This the certification issued by a state or federal governmental entity authorizing a mover to move household goods between designated geographical areas. 

These are separate transportation charges for transporting your shipment between the warehouse and your residence.

Packing Service

The cost of packing and unpacking all your possessions. This is optional and may be exercised by you. Many full-service movers provide customers with this option.

Cost of using a smaller vehicle to haul goods to locations which are not accessible to normal large trailers.

This is the temporary warehouse storage of your items pending further transportation.

Stair-Carry Charge

An extra charge for carrying things up or down flights of stairs 

Standard Coverage

Movers are required by laws to provide a minimum amount of free coverage. This refers to the amount of money you will receive per pound of damaged goods. The amount is typically 60 cents per pound.

This coverage is standard and hardly cover any damage.


The carrier rates provisions, for all aspects of moving a shipment from one location to another. 


Valuation is what your goods are worth, this is not an insurance but it covers your property in any of these three different ways:

o       Assessed Value coverage.

o       Full Replacement Coverage

o       Standard Coverage.

Valuation is a tariff level of mover liability basing upon the weight of the shipment.

Warehouse Handling

An additional charge applicable each time SIT (storage in transit) service is provided. This charge compensates the mover for the physical placement and removal of items within the warehouse





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