moving companies

        Additional charges
These are extra charges apart from the transport charges they you may need to pay for services such as packing, unpacking, extra pick up, long carry and elevator carry. These services may be requested by movers and might be necessary because of special circumstances.

            Advanced charges
These are charges for services provided by professionals other than mover at your request. These charges are usually added to the bill.

A local moving company authorized to act on behalf of a larger national company. This moving company may serve as a booking, origin, destination and/or hauling agent.

           Booking Agent
The agent, who writes, registers and accepts the order for your move.

           Hauling Agent
The agent who owns the van assigned by the Moving Company to transport your belonging.

           Destination Agent
That Agent located near your destination and provides you with the services and information at the end of your move.

           Appliance service
Cost incurred in preparing the major appliances for safe transportation. Generally appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators are covered in appliance service.  There might be a surcharge for this service.

          Appliance Dolly
Items supplied by self-service movers.

          Assessed value coverage
This specifies how much you will have to pay per $1000 of assessed value to cover your household items to their fully assessed value. Opting this coverage require you to assign a value for each item you will be moving.

           Bill of Lading
This is a contract between you and the mover for your transportation. It acts as a receipt as well. You should not sign on a Bill of Lading If you are not fully Comfortable with the terms. Do not misplace your copy since this is a very important document.

            Binding Estimate
A flat price quoted for a given inventory no matter what is the duration of the job. This estimate is usually given when an onsite estimate is performed at the customer house.

          Non-Binding Estimate
An initial quote is given based on the past experience of the mover; The final price depends on the job when finished.

This is the moving company that you are working with.

          C.O.D (Cash On Delivery)
It means the payment has to be made when your items are delivered.

           Expedited Service
This is a higher rate in exchange of a faster or specified moving transfer date. The charges will be based on a higher minimum rate.

           Flight Charge
An extra charge for carrying items up or down flight of stairs.

This is a low cost moving where the mover delivers your possession at the door step of the address specified by you.

            Flight of Stairs 
This is an additional cost if there is flight of stairs at the origin or destination. In case there are elevators large enough to transport the household good, this charge is eliminated.

           Full Replacement Value Coverage  
This specified how much money per $1000 of value you will need to pay in order to protect your household items for their full replacement value. Full replacement value is the full amount of money it will cost to purchase a new replacement for the damaged item.

           Full Service Mover  
This is the most common form of a moving company. The mover moves your entire household from your old location to your new location. These movers can also provide packing and unpacking services.

           Guaranteed Pick up and Delivery Service 
The dates of services are guaranteed, with the mover promising to compensate if any delays made. This is a premium service and might be an additional charge.


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