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Moving overseas can be a frightening experience but also an exciting one too. You get to know lot of people and learn their cultures. But the downside of moving are still the same for anyone: Anxieties of your family, status of your household possessions and your ability to get acquainted with the new surrounding.

Moving to a new place involves lot of regulations, customers and more legal stuff. It may become a burden is you are ignorant with some important regulation.

The key of a successful overseas move is organization. Get through some of our moving guide tips and manage a to-do list by itemizing your belongings.

Countries often collect taxes on some of the item you’re brining with you. The taxes collected for these items depend on the countries you’re moving to. The customs authorities have many questions you will be required to answer. Be ready to show any documents related to your belongings


·         For those of you who live in the U.S, the U.S Customs service offers information on international moving. Call (202) 354-1000 for tape-recorded information on that matter or visit for online publications.

·         Check with a consulate or embassy for your destination country and questions them about your items. Some of the items are often regulated by the customs offices, these are given below:


·         Household Good: If you take any household good, they are usually duty-free, unless they are brand new. Before buying any items, determine if paying duty on them is worth it.

·         Check with the customs whether you can carry the following items packed in your shipment: Alcohol, tobacco, Cameras and unexposed film. Many countries limit the amount of items you can bring. Check prior your departure the quantities allowed.

·         Check with the customs for restricted, prohibited or in need of license items. Cetain items might get you in trouble. (Matches, Candles, Paint and cleaning fluids).

·         Don’t take any large items with you; their transportation cost might exceed their value. Check if they are available in your destination country.

·         Personal accessories such as clothing are usually duty-free if they are for owner’s use only. Carry all your personal items with you to avoid any theft.

·         If you carry medication with you, carry them in small quantities. Keep their prescriptions. Have your doctor and pharmacy name listed on their containers. Try to obtain a letter from your doctor, stating your condition.

·         Before moving your pet with you, check if your destination country allows them, you should get a certificate from your veterinarian. You might have to pay duty on your pet and have it quarantined for a long period.

·         Provide your pet with a travel identification tag. Includes your pet’s name, your name, destination address and telephone.

·         Many countries prohibit the entry of plants or a seed, Find out if a special permit is necessary to carry them with you.

·         Before moving your car to your destination country, check if the same model is available. If the price is lesser than the combined price of your car with any taxes, it might be smart to not move your car and buy a new one in the destination country.

·         Certain models of automobiles are prohibited. The models that are allowed might require a special permit and modifications to fit the standards of the destination country.

·         Many countries prohibit weapons. Those allowed will require a permit. Ammunitions are prohibited in shipment due to the risk of explosion.

·         You will be allowed to take a certain amount of money with you. You might need to complete a special custom report.

·         Collectibles might be duty-free in certain case, check with your embassy the status of your goods, you might need a proof from your appraiser for your antiquity.

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