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Plants are usually a direct result of years of loving. Whenever you move, you want to be able to move them without worrying too much. offers some valuable moving tips to help you prepare for the moving trip.


Moving your plants – 2 weeks before moving.

 Find out if your Moving Company will Move Your Plants

Plants need special handling since they are perishable and may get damaged or killed during the transportation. They need air, comfortable temperature and water. Because of the delicate situation, Insurance does not cover any loss or damage to your plants and some moving companies may not even accept to move your plants over some distance. Contact your moving company at least few weeks before your move to find out if your moving company will take your plants.


If moving State to State, find out if plants can cross state boarders

Few States have very strict agricultural regulation about bringing plants into their states. You plants may contains bugs and decease that may harm plantings in these states.

If you move from one state to another, you should first find out if your plants will be allowed in the new state. Call your local US Department of Agriculture to check on such restrictions.


Transplant Plants in clay pots to Unbreakable plastic Containers

Ceramic pots and plants can be heavy and easily breakable when moving them. To protect both the plant and the expensive pots, transplant the plants into plastic containers 2 weeks before the moving day.

Since this is a shocking experience for your plants, you should transplant enough time in advance to allow them to bounce back and be strong for the moving day.

Transplanting your plants into clean plastic pots and sterilized potting soil also gives you the ability to protect them from any pest before moving.


Moving Houseplants – A week before moving.


Kill Plant Pests

Check plants and soil for bugs, mildew, and any kind of disease your plant might have. You might want to rid your plants of these things before moving: you don't want to contaminate your new place with them.

To kill bugs and sterilize soil, you could put your pants into an empty room and set off a bug bomb or put bug powder over your plants. Do not leave your plants outside since new insect might contaminate them.

Insecticides may contain dangerous chemicals, so use them with care, away from pets and children, always following directions on the label.


Moving Houseplants – A day before moving.

Take Cuttings of Outdoor plants being left behind

If you decide not to take your plants with you, consider taking cuttings, this is a great option to regenerate your plants at your new house.

Take cuttings the day before your move, wrap them in wet peat moss or newspaper and then put them inside an unsealed zip lock bag (plants need air to breathe). Place the bag in a box and secure it upright with light packing material so that the wetness is preserved.

Water Plants Normally

One or two nights before your move, water your plants normally. Don't over water, even if you expect warm temperatures. Over watered plants can grow fungus during transit in warmer weather, or freeze in winter weather.


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