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Finding a new school near your new house might be a traumatic experience, Relocation Estimate offers you some valuable tips in order to get over this experience:

  • First thing to consider is whether your kids will join a private independent school or a local government school.
  • You might need your kid’s current school to recommend some schools in the area surrounding your new house.
  • Contact those schools, ask them to send you some information, brochure and arrange a meeting with them.
  • You may use the internet to visit school listings; those are great way to find out good schools.
  • Collect recommendations from parents, it is always the best way to make a decision.

Things to consider:

  • A school nearer to your house is better than one which is miles away.
  • Let your kids have a say in the decision you’ll take. Take them with you when you visit schools, their first impression is always good.
  • When appointing your meeting with the principal, try to avoid doing it late in the evening. You should see the daily operation of the school and have a first impression on the students.
  • Check the facilities of the school such as libraries and sports arenas.

After choosing a school:

  • It is very important to introduce your kids to some of the teachers, having a familiar face at the school often helps during the first weeks of school.
  • Make a list of the items your kids will need for school and purchase them few weeks before so your kids can get accustomed to those.
  • Check for previous school records which are needed for the new school. Make sure that they are all sent properly.
  •  In case your kid take medication, let your teachers know.
  • Show your kid the route to school, and make sure he can go by himself.
  • It’s always safer to pick up your kids by yourself some day, make a clear plan what to do in case you’re late.



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