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The following advices may help you with self-storage:

Choosing a storage facility:

-If you need a facility on a regular basis, you will need to pick a storage facility near to your house, in case you need to make a long distance move, you can pick a reputable storage facility without worrying of its location

-Check with your storage facility if you need to book in advance.

-Check the reputation and service of the facility you want to pick, Ask friends who have hired their services in the past.

-Make sure the storage facility have smoke alarms, sprinklers and modern security devices.

Protect the stored belongings

-Make sure that your items are packed efficiently in order to avoid damages in the storage facility.

-Place blankets between the storage’s floor and your belongings to avoid scratches on your furniture.

-Wrap your furniture’s legs with packing material.

-Use rust protectors on bikes and tools.


-Try to disassemble most of your items to save space. If you can’t disassemble some of your furniture, keep them upside down with the legs pointing to the ceiling.

-Put chairs seat-to-seat with paper or blanket in between.

-Do not lean your items against the walls.

-Fit small items inside your belongings to save valuable space.

Appliances and Equipment:

-Keep your refrigerator dry and clean.

-Open your appliance doors to allow circulation of air.


-Use wardrobe boxes to save yourself from ironing your clothes when you move them out of the boxes


-You need to save storage and plan accordingly. Ask for suggestions from experts to achieve that.

-Make sure that fragile items are on top of heavy items

-Keep all items of same type at one place.

-Things you need often should be placed at the beginning of the storage facility. 

Rental Self Storage facilities:

-Make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the self storage facility. Do not hesitate to ask the manager of the facility when you need some help.

-Do not store hazardous chemicals, fuel or illegal items.

Business items storage tips:

-Business storage allows you to choose the exact space for your business needs and let you pay only for the exact period you utilize. The access to the facility is in your control and you have your own key and lock. You can delegate the keys to anyone of your choice. There is no need to make any appointment to visit the facilities.

-You can store almost anything, from offices files, business records to seasonal decorations and additional supplies.

-Determine your storage needs first then read the storage agreement carefully.


-Since your items placed in the storage are accessible by you, you will need to cover your items adequately. 

Other tips:

-You may not store illegal or stolen items.

-Books should be packed flat to protect their spines.

-Use appropriate packing solutions, you will save space and retrieval of specific item will be easier.

-Fill empty spaces in the boxes with packing materials.

-Label your boxes to identify them later on.

-Place your lighter and fragile boxes on top of others.

-Metal and electric items must be cleaned and dry before stored.

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