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The idea of moving out of the dorm can be very exciting but also overwhelming. Important factors such as lease terms, location and affordability can make the whole process seems much more complex. The apartment hunting tips listed below were designed to help you organize and locate your next place.


        Start your search early: apartment near campus are always high in demand, so it pays to start looking for them several months in advance. The later you begin to look for them, the more expense you will have to pay.

        Do the hunting yourself: Real estate agents often charge “finder’s fee” which can be as much as one month of rent. Do the work yourself and save the expense.

  • Visit the student housing office and find out about university-owned housing options.
  • Check popular bulleting boards and posting location in the campus.
  • Scan the local newspaper for good deals, act quickly when you find one.

        Know what you’re looking for: The cost of renting an apartment isn’t limited to the rent itself, you need to add utilities, phone and some other expense to the cost rent to determine what your price range is. Keep in mind that when you move in, there is a possibility that you will need to pay for first and last month rent plus a security deposit. Living with more roommates is a popular way to keep down the expenses.

        Transit: One of the most important factors to take into consideration when moving to a new apartment is its location. You may want to relocate near your campus, or at least in the range of public transportation. You can also own a car, but then your expenses will be higher.

        Peace, safe and secure: Choose your location carefully, you may like to be in proximity of popular hangouts but that might bring to your place a lot of unnecessary  noise. Safety wise, would you feel safe if you would come back to your house after dark?

        Inspect the house: Inspect the house carefully and try to find damages such as: Leaks, mildew, mold or others...

        Signing the lease: signing a lease is a big commitment, don’t do it if you are not sure this apartment is right for you. Read the lease carefully before signing on it and make sure to put on writing every oral agreement from your landlord.Win at rouletteHow to earn money at online casino

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