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Now you’re moving you need to get rid of many items, Getting rid of things you don’t will usually lessen the load and will save you some cash.

You can do that by the following ways:

Online auctions:

The money you can collect from selling unwanted goods online will help you cover the cost of the move. You will need to register with online auction site before you can buy or sell any item.

Credit cards are no longer a requirement and many use alternative methods of payment. Take your time to provide an adequate description of your items, including good photographs will help you to present your goods and sell them more effectively.

Garage Sale:

Make some colorful posters to stick up around your neighborhood, advertise it on your local newspaper and send e-mail to your friends.

You should display your items on tables or shelves; place your best items close to the entrance or the street to draw more attention.

Price your items reasonably and prepare to bargain with some of your customers.

Market Stalls:

Local markets are great for selling second hand items; most are already frequented by a large audience and attended by professional second-hand hunters. It should be reasonably easy to sell any of your items at this venue.

            Plan well and hire a table, price each of your item and get sufficient change.

Charity Stores:

Charity stores are always grateful to receive items for donations. That a quick way to get rid of all your items.



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